How to Win Money Online – Tips & Advice

Winning money online is a lot of fun. It’s so much fun in fact, that we decided to build a complete guide to all the legitimate ways you can win money and provide it free for everyone to enjoy. It’s a work in progress. But there’s still plenty of valuable information to help you win more money.

Best Online Casino Offer

While I don’t normally recommend that players accept casino bonus offers because of the difficult wagering requirements and game restrictions. This is one time when it will help you increase your chances of winning big.

Winpalace $3000 Free Slot Play Bonus

Winpalace Casino offers new players 300% up to $3000 in free slot play by using the code WINSLOTS . Any deposit over $21 qualifies for the bonus, but you should try to max it out if you can afford it.

Once you’ve signed up and claimed your bonus, go through all the Reel Series Video Slots to find the one with the largest Random Progressive Jackpot.

For most progressive jackpots you have to bet the maximum to qualify. But the cool part about these jackpots is that anyone can win them, regardless of the bet size.

That means you can play a 20-line slot machine, bet $0.01 per line, and have a shot at winning thousands of dollars for just $0.20/spin.

If you’ve maxed out the slot bonus, you’re guaranteed 20,000 spins. And even if you haven’t, the additional bonus money will still increase your odds of hitting the jackpot significantly.

Different Ways to Win Money

There are lots of ways for people to win money. Some ways are instant, while others take time. Here is a rundown of all the things we will be discussing.

  • Lotteries & Scratchcards
  • Casino games
  • Poker
  • Bingo
  • Sports & horse race betting
  • Skill games
  • Contests & competitions – racing, pool tournaments
  • Sweepstakes & giveaways
  • TV Shows – Reality shows, game shows

Before you get too far, it’s important to understand some basic strategies to help you win more money.

Strategies for Winning Money

Below are some basic concepts that will help you win more and lose less when trying to win money.

There’s no such thing as easy money

Maybe you’ve heard someone say “if it looks too good to be true, it is”, or perhaps “there’s no such thing as easy money”. When it comes to winning money there’s a lot of truth to both of those statements.

There are actually a lot of easy ways to try and win money. The problem with “easy” is that one of two things is true;

  1. The odds of actually winning money are terrible
  2. You use an enormous amount of time and energy to win a small amount of money

Take the lottery for example. Playing the lottery is probably the easiest way in the world to win a life changing amount of money. You simply buy a lottery ticket for a dollar or two, pick your numbers (or let the store pick random numbers), and watch the drawing live (or check the website later) to see if you’ve won. It doesn’t get much easier than that (except for the winning part). You see, the odds of actually winning the lottery are astronomical.

We’re not trying to bash the lottery. It’s probably a lot of fun with all the buildup and anticipation. However, for those who are serious about winning money, there are much better ways to go about it.

Some ways of winning money have decent odds, but take more too much of your time and energy. Take for example free skill game sites. These sites give you free credits for signing up and referring friends. Then you wager your credits at various skills games for their credits. If you build up enough credits, you may be able to cash out $10 in a few months.

These sites can be fun. And for those who don’t like risking money they are good. But this way of winning money is far from “easy”.

Look for opportunities that other people miss

This advice applies to almost any method of winning money. To win you need an advantage. And to get that advantage you need to play angles that others aren’t. Here are some examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Collecting and cashing in slot machine tickets that others left behind

Some people simply forget to get their ticket when they cash out. I’m sure a select few made good money capitalizing on this mistake. Now, most slots beep extremely loud until you take the cash out ticket. So that gap is filled.

Others leave tickets with small amounts lying around because they’re not worth their time. For someone on a tight budget, that may be a way to build up a couple of dollars to play in a machine in hopes of hitting a bonus round or jackpot.

Online casino bonus hunting

Online casinos have been offering sign up bonuses for years. The way they work is simple; let’s say the bonus is 100% match on your first deposit. You deposit $100 and the casino matches your deposit with another $100 to play with. After you wager a certain amount, you can cash out the free money.
Back in 2003, the bonuses had easy wagering requirements and no game restrictions. Many players saw an opportunity to take advantage of all of the bonuses offered at different sites.

All the major online casinos were soon hit by these “bonus hunters” who deposited, met the minimum wagering requirements, and then cashed out.
Before long, the casinos started changing the wagering requirements and adding game restrictions. Now, even for recreational players, it’s almost not worth it to play with a bonus.

In some cases opportunities like these may fall into your lap. But in most cases it takes careful observation and planning to execute the strategy properly. And at some level it can become more like work than fun. But that’s how some people get rich and others make a living from winning money.

Build your skills and use them to win money

Typically speaking, the more skill involved, the better your odds of winning. That’s IF you have more superior skills than your opponent(s). One of the best ways to win money is to specialize in a certain game and focus on being the best. Some examples include,

  • Pool/billiards players
  • Golfers
  • Race car drivers
  • Poker Players
  • Game show contestants
  • Professional sports bettors

No matter what you do to win money, there’s always going to be an element of luck. But when it comes to being able to consistently win, skill-based games are always the best way to go.


Who doesn’t like to win money? Winning money is fun. In the movie The Hustler, Paul Newman famously said “Money won is twice as sweet as money earned”.

For some, it’s exciting to win a little extra cash by entering free cash drawings and sweepstakes. But others may not feel that excitement unless they have the chance to win millions or risking large sums of money.

Some people have dreams about winning money. Some lose a small fortune trying to win money, while others earn a living from it.

The purpose of is simple;

  • To help our visitors win more money, more often by offering in-depth strategy guides, game reviews, and exclusive promotions via our newsletter.
  • To foster a sense of community among all those who love winning money by allowing visitors to submit stories of winning (and losing) and connecting with our readers via social sites like Twitter and Facebook.